Latest Diet Trends

Latest Diet Trends

Everyone wants to stay in shape and new ideas of how to achieve this are always welcome. So what are the latest diet trends out there right now?

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Mono dieting.

Mono dieting is eating as much as you want of very limited foods. The bad news is that pizza isn’t one of them. If you restrict yourself to eating only bananas and beans or only tomatoes and brown rice then you’re not going to splurge too badly.

Mono dieting makes you realize that you often eat way more than you need to and that’s where extra weight is sneaking on. Studies have shown that the more choices you have on your plate the more you will overeat because you want to try everything.

One of the worst diet busters is the infamous buffet meal. You want to try all the fun stuff so much that whether you’re hungry or full isn’t even an issue!

If you’re not cut out for full on mono dieting just try and reduce the amount of variety you have in one meal. Variety in fruit and veg overall in your diet is a good thing but it turns out that variety on one plate isn’t helping your waistline.

Raising your metabolic rate.

If your metabolism is higher your body will burn more energy all day. As long as you don’t overcompensate with extra calories you should lose weight with a higher metabolism.

The key to boosting your metabolism is to eat 6 small, well balanced meals during the day. Keep protein high and fat very low.


To further boost your metabolic rate you need to focus on short bursts of intense exercise and not long grueling workouts. If you work at a desk you should stand up and run on the spot or do jumping jacks once an hour. This is all about intensity and not calories burned while you’re exercising. Push as hard as you can for that time and your body should keep burning energy after you stop.

The new approach to carbs.

There have been many diets that promote low to no carbohydrates. However unless you have iron cast will power, which few people do, you fail eventually.

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Having a period of time where you gradually reduce carbs and then go back to normal for a while can be a better answer. There are lots of free programs online you can look up. This is different to carb cycling where the days you can have carbs are set in stone. In this case you just pick a week or so which is best for you and go low carb for that time.

Doing this for too long can lower your metabolism so make sure you go back to normal, healthy and balanced eating after your low carb stint. Use this as a method to drop some pounds quickly on an infrequent basis. It’s great before a holiday for example.