Live Well

Best Health Practices

Eat smarter

Honestly, food is definitely the best medicine we have and the strongest. We have to have foods packed with nutrients and of high quality to actually fuel and promote our brains and body. They also help to keep diseases at bay out there and prevent them.


Pouring water into glass on blue background

Up to sixty percent of the weight of your body and ninety percent of a person’s brain is actually made up of and consists od water. Water has been known to help with concentration, help you solve problems and improve your memory. Water also keeps joints and muscle functions working properly. Energy is also received when you take in water. If you feel ran down and slow going in the late day just drink a few bottles of water. We need water constantly and can always use it.

Optimize your H=N/C ratio

What this means are the nutrients you take in from calories. You should want to eat foods with many nutrients in their make and avoid foods with a lot of calories at the same time. Muffins and bagels would be something you want to steer clear of there are not many nutrients within muffins and bagels but loads of calories. Fish and vegetables would be something packed with a lot of nutrients and a level of calories that is healthy to consume. Recognize and remember this formula above.

Make sure you are eating a lot of proteins that are healthy and try to each meal that you have. The foods with lower nutrients and high carbs in the makeup that you may eat for breakfast such as a piece of toast and orange juice will deplete your energy and you will crash at some point. Foods that are high and rich in protein will actually help with this and help you be able to keep your attention strong along with your ability to concentrate and focus., Some healthy protein would be eggs or fish, chicken, pork, quinoa or even chickpeas that are not processed or dipped in any batters.

Move more

When you move around a lot you are helping your body steer clear of any inflammation problems, problems with you developing metabolic syndrome, cancer, heart diseases and also keeping you looking youthful and younger. Also, moving around increases and builds the bone density. You will be surprised to see your emotional ups and downs will be depleted significantly and even completely out. Also, moving a lot also helps mental abilities increase also.


  1. Get fast

If you have a fitness routine you follow daily add in some agility and speed training also. This will help you promote and create your endurance along with strength all at once. Make sure you chance the workouts up. So mix short intervals that are harder with slower laid back sessions.

  1. Get outside

If you can look at and view pictures of the outdoors and all the nature around and your blood pressure can reduce significantly and you have less mental fatigue occurring can you actually picture how great it is for all of that for you to be actually first hand outside in all of the nature? When you workout outside you receive so many different perks and such a great amount of mental and physical health that will actually be beneficial to you.

  1. Move strategically

It has been said that when you workout or exercise your mental abilities and performance are said to be stronger along with your memory., being able to solve problems and planning things out. If you do 15 minutes every day before a very important mental topic you will see just how much this actually helps you focus.

Sleep soundly

When you sleep very good at night your risk for certain diseases drop significantly along with signs of aging in your skin and you will also notice thinking and creativity skills are boosted a lot.

  1. Do not drink coffee at night, just drink it for your morning drink. Caffeine stimulates you and normally stays in your body’s system for at least six hours. Do not eat foods that have a lot of caffeine in them right before you plan on going to sleep. The coffee you decide to maybe have after dinner will not be your best idea.
  1. Make sure you keep your mind and body peaceful and calm. Lives can be crazy and cause so many issues and have us hyped and fired up after a long day at work and even so when bedtime comes around. Try to figure out a ritual that is soothing and calm and works for you to help the cortisol level in your body drop. Make a list fo things you should do or need to do and place it aside somewhere. Place your phone elsewhere and do not read any emails you may receive after 8 pm hits. Read a book of some soft this will help ease your mind and let your mind just calm down and relax.
  1. Your bedroom is a place to sleep not to have a TV or any kinds of screens in the room. If you have a TV in your room remove it from your room and make sure your room remains dark because the light that radiates from a TV screen actually keeps your brain racing instead of helping to calm your brain and relax your brain.

Think Clearly

Athletes feel as if being able to think clear is about being able to get into an ideal state to be able to perform in. You should know what it feels like. I mean if you are giving your performance the best that you can and the effort doesn’t feel that hard at all.You’re so involved and doing and creating great results and you’re in a state of mind that I like to call or you may even know as The zone. These kind of times are not something that has to be one in a blue moon or rare, you can be in your zone every day so long as you try.

  1. Tell yourself every day what actions you should do or take to help your overall daily performance. Positive language needs to be used so you can keep telling and showing yourself that you are able and willing to do this. The intentions you have to pave the way to the reality of the day today so make sure to speak with yourself about those.

2.Make sure you have more energy and a lot less tension. You can do this and not have to double the effort you put in without having to tighten your mind physically and mentally. A lot of tension will be in the way of your zone and harder to get through. Make sure you revamp and keep your energy levels high but don’t go too hard, just faster than you normally would make sure your attention is at max level and relaxation is also present.